We are officially open for our 2020 Summer Season

  • WELCOME! When you arrive at the Farm (wearing a mask of course) you will check in at the Host station located at the front of the barn. Our host will give you your table number, and you will order your BBQ inside the barn and leave your table number. Staff will bring you your food out to your table.


  • For bar drinks, you can come on up to the bar and order and we will bring them out to your table. Or if you are in for trying something new, you can order from our website, www.brewbarnma.com and we will bring drinks out to your table!


  • While at the Brew Barn we are kindly asking guests to remain seated at their tables, (and yes, you can take your masks off while you are enjoying yourselves) and please refrain from 'unnecessary' walking around.


  • Please stay with your children and keep them with you at your table.

  • Before leaving, make sure you say goodbye to all the staff you've missed over the cold, long, winter but please leave all of your trash behind and we will clean it up for you!

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455 Highland Ave.

Phillipston, MA 01331




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